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There is always something MORE we are trying to get to: More success and accomplishment, the next promotion or career move, or developing leadership competencies and acumen. Whatever your MORE, we can help you TAP-IN and get to the MORE you want.


TAP IN and benefit from the expert guidance provided by our team of highly, professionally trained and internationally certified coaches  who can help you achieve the results and personal and career growth you seek.



Connect with us now to schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call.


Following the TAP-IN to More methodology, we partner with you, in total confidence, to help you:

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Tune-IN to your wants and needs and co-create a space for discovery / self-discovery to occur.

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Your coach will work with you to explore and gain clarity on your aspirations, and to determine and set goals.

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Explore and determine what is needed to achieve your goals (any skills, competencies, habits, timelines, and resources) so you can get to YOUR MORE.

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Your coach will help you to put strategies into action and implement steps to work toward and reach goals.

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Advance through the methodology cycle, attain and create new goals as needed, and continued reflection.


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Executive / Leadership

  • Executive and Leadership Competencies

  • 360’s and Assessments

  • Emerging Leadership Coaching

Experience the distinctively powerful and positive impacts of Executive and Leadership Coaching from TAP Institute’s highly trained and internationally certified coaches. Our coaches have the right experience to help you succeed!


Typical Benefits

  • Customized, personal coaching plan for success

  • Increased levels of motivation and sense of purpose

  • Improved leadership capabilities and competencies

  • Increased shift from intention to reality

  • Heightened self-awareness

  • Higher levels of empathy/emotional intelligence

  • Improved self-regulation

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Career Planning and Interview Preparation

  • Exploration and Assessments

  • Interview and Competition Preparation

  • Career Management and Planning

Engage in career management with one of our certified coaches for improved performance, job satisfaction, and earning potential through exploration of strengths, gaps, interview preparation, and other necessary skills to be successful!


Typical Benefits

  • Develop planning skills to use throughout career

  • Heightened awareness of strengths and competencies

  • Increased self-responsibility for own career

  • Decreased reliance on organizations

  • Exploration of fit in an occupation and options

  • Exploration of choices available

  • Discovery of how a position aligns with ideal job preferences

Programs Offered

Competition Preparation

  • Application Preparation

  • Development of Leadership Brand

  • Formal and Informal Interview Preparation

Receive one-on-one coaching for job competition preparation. Learn to present your knowledge, skills and experience in ways that increase your chances of being seen as a highly credible candidate. We specialize in Federal Government and Board competitions!

Typical Benefits

  • Improved applications for increased chances of consideration

  • Identification of knowledge and competency requirements

  • Improved interview preparation

  • Insightful career story development

  • Developed structured approach to answering questions

  • Specialization with Federal government competitions and boards.


Career Transition Services

  • Planning, guidance and support for managers

  • Transition services for affected employees

  • Individuals wishing to re-enter the workforce

Career transition is about helping you or your departing employee/employees with a good start to the next phase of career and doing it right while reducing risk and exposure to your organization.


Typical Benefits

  • Cost-effective solution and customized approach

  • Improved planning and support for layoffs, mergers, terminations, or retirements

  • Development of action plan

  • Personalized assessment(s)

  • Feedback on strengths and areas of development

  • Job seeking and competition preparation

  • Increased awareness on how preferences align with opportunities

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Mentorship Coaching

  • Executive Mentorship Coaching

  • HR Mentorship Coaching

  • Focus on solutions for challenges and application

Gain from our experienced Executive and Human Resources (HR) Mentorship Coaches and their insights and experience through candid conversations. Along with your Mentor Coach, you will create solutions to challenges and action plans.


Typical Benefits

  • Someone to confide in and speak candidly with

  • Gain from any insights from experienced leaders

  • Focus on solutions for immediate operational challenges and application

  • Opportunities for leadership competency growth in time

  • For executives and HR professionals

  • Regularly scheduled and sudden “Spark Mentor” sessions

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Team Development

  • Assessments

  • Team Facilitation

  • Retreat Planning

TAP Institute offers team coaching and development services to strengthen relationships, improve productivity, and drive greater team effectiveness for your team members and the team as a whole.

Typical Benefits

  • Increased understanding of team members:

    • Differences and preferences

    • Strengths and motivations

    • Communication styles

  • Build connection between individual team members

  • Adaptation of communication styles to others

  • Reduction in conflict and building of trust

  • Greater team effectiveness and organizational success.


360’s + Assessments

  • Executives / Leadership

  • Teams

  • Career Planning

TAP Institute offer assessments and psychometric assessments of all kinds – 360’s, strengths, preferences, motivations, etc., serving to augment the coaching experience for executives, leaders and teams.


Typical Benefits:

  • Greater awareness and insights

  • Variety of assessments based on need

  • Certified coaches to provide proper feedback

  • Augments coaching experience for executives and leaders

  • Enhances learning and adds meaning for teams

  • 360’s provides valuable

    • feedback for the leader

    • Insights for the supervisor/Board

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Connect with us now to schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call.

Introductory Call

A member of our team meets with you to determine your needs.

Way Forward


We work with you to develop a coaching plan that is right for you.

Your coach helps you to TAP-IN and get to the MORE you want.

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