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TAP Institute offers team effectiveness and coaching services to strengthen relationships, improve productivity, and drive greater team effectiveness for your team, team members and organization.




TAP Institute offers team effectiveness and coaching services to strengthen relationships, improve productivity, and drive greater team effectiveness for your team, team members and organization.

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Build connection between individual team members by enabling them to adapt their communication to the unique styles of each team member. 

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Reduce conflict and build trust leading to greater team effectiveness and organizational success.

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Build greater understanding and acceptance of differences, strengths, preferences, communication styles, motivations, limitations, and how behaviour changes under stress and pressure.

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Increase leadership competencies to lead the team.

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Add to team dynamics and support team and business objectives.

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Increase team building.

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Foster individual and team development and organizational development.

The Benefits


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Team Development Programs

  • Interactive

  • Assessments

  • Customizable

Experience the outstanding, positive impacts of TAP Institute’s Team Development Programs which serve to meet complex objectives, drive greater team, and to strengthen relationships and productivity.


Typical Benefits
  • Increased understanding of team members:

  • Differences and preferences

  • Strengths and motivations

  • Communication styles

  • Build connection between individual team members

  • Adaptation of communication styles to others

  • Reduction in conflict and building of trust

  • Greater team effectiveness and organizational success


Team Workshops and Focus Groups

  • Interactive workshops

  • Customizable

  • Based on organizational/business requirements

Our team of experienced professionals work with you to determine and confirm your needs and then use and/or develop the solutions that are right for you and your organization.


Examples of some of our workshops include
  • Organizational Culture Focus

  • Organizational Values, Competencies and Observable Behaviours

  • Performance Management

  • Communications

  • Employee strengths and motivations

  • Team Building

Our Programs
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Leadership Coaching

  • Executive and Leadership Competency Coaching

  • Emerging Leadership Coaching

  • Leading Teams Coaching

Experience the distinctively powerful and positive impacts of Executive and Leadership Coaching from TAP Institute’s highly trained and internationally certified coaches. Our coaches have the right experience to help you succeed!


Typical Benefits
  • Customized, personal coaching plan for success

  • Increased levels of motivation and sense of purpose

  • Improved leadership capabilities and competencies

  • Increased shift from intention to reality

  • Heightened self-awareness

  • Higher levels of empathy/emotional intelligence

  • Improved self-regulation


Team Retreat Program Planning

  • Team Building and Development

  • Strategic and Operational Business Planning

  • Customizable and Facilitation Services

Our customized retreat planning services are built to serve multiple purposes to meet complex objectives. Whether for organizational or team planning, team building, both or more, TAP Institute will work with you to make this a successful event.


More Details
  • Fully customizable

  • On or off company premises

  • Assessments

  • Interactive

  • And more…

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Assessments and Psychometrics

  • Strengths, preferences, motivations, etc.

  • DiSC, TotalSDI, MBTI, and many others

  • Augments the experience and learning

TAP Institute offer assessments and psychometric assessments of all kinds – 360’s, strengths, preferences, motivations, etc., serving to augment the developmental and coaching experience for teams, executives, and leaders.

Typical Benefits
  • Greater awareness and insights

  • Variety of assessments based on need

  • Certified coaches to provide proper feedback

  • Augments coaching experience for executives and leaders

  • Enhances learning and adds meaning for teams

  • 360’s provides valuable

  • feedback for the leader

  • Insights for the supervisor/Board


Keynote Speaking

  • Relevant topics for today and the future

  • Customizable

  • Host, presenter, announcer, emcee

TAP Institute’s and TAP Strategy & HR Consulting’s Co-Founders and Presidents are experienced speakers providing keynote speaking, host, presenter, announcer, and emcee services.


Typical Benefits
  • Array of topics to your event’s purpose

  • Motivational

  • Captivating, motivational, inspirational, educational

  • Variety of topics to suit your purposes

  • Virtual or in-person

  • Out of town or country


Facilitation, Mediation, Moderation Services

  • Workshops, panels, events, etc.

  • Focus Groups and Meetings, Mediation, Moderation

  • Learning: Workshops, Panels, training courses, etc.

TAP Institute offers an array of facilitation services to suit a variety of needs for individuals and teams.

More Details
  • Customized or pre-designed

  • Virtual or in-person

  • Live or pre-recorded solutions

  • On or off company premises

  • Objectives based


It starts with a simple phone call, and a member of our team would be happy
to walk you through how partnering will help you achieve your goals.


Introductory Call

Way Forward


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A member of our team meets with you to understand and determine your needs.

We work with you to develop a proposal with a workplan in line with your needs.

Your coach or consultant works with you to bring the work and goals to fruition.

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At TAP, we strive to help our clients build their own capacities to attain their goals and achieve better results.

Leaders depend on TAP Institute to provide them with the most effective support and tools that stand the test of time. Growth comes natural at TAP, through returning clients and referrals, ensuring that each and every client experiences personalized support from trusted professionals who get to know them and their needs and context.


TAP has with the right combination of experience, certifications, and processes to provide expert support, tools and solutions for you, your team, and/or your business needs. Each of our Executive Coaches are fully certified by the International Coach Federation, the gold standard in coaching.


“We obsess about our client’s success”, states Terri Harrison, President of TAP Institute, reflecting back on TAP Institute’s success. “We do the work to build trust with our clients. We listen and challenge when needed to; and we strive to help our clients build their own capacities to attain their goals and achieve better results. Our clients show us, and tell us, they trust us. This is worth everything to us.”

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